Jackee was born in Seward, Alaska and has had many different types of animals throughout her life. She’s had everything from dogs, cats, horses, to birds, reptiles, fish and so much more. Jackee spent most of her time outdoors in nature as a kid and if she wasn’t learning about different creatures outside, she was inside reading everything she could get her hands on. As a young teen, Jackee was in 4-H and her passion for horses led her to barrel racing. She even saved and purchased a horse of her own, which led her to spending a lot of her time in the barns tending to all the animals. “I have had several jobs over the years; however, I always end up back doing something with animals,” Jackee says.

“After taking time to raise my 3 kids while they were little, along with fostering several rescue dogs, I decided I needed to get back to work! I worked as a grooming assistant/bather for almost 3 years when we lived in North Carolina. Although I have always been fascinated by animal behavior it was while working there that I truly learned how important training really is. With a few simple actions the dogs responded so well and I was hooked. I tried to learn everything on my own but just found things that didn’t fit with how I saw myself as a trainer, until someone told me about Briana and her apprenticeship program.

One of the best decisions of my life was coming to work for DogJoy. I have learned so much here. I have met so many amazing pups and their people, and I look forward to continuing my journey for as long as I’m allowed. I hope to one day become as amazing a trainer as Briana!”

Jackee is trained in pet CPR/first aid, and currently has 3 Pit Bull type dogs Tiana, Smokey, and Belle and a cat, Enzo. All rescued in one way or another!