Additional services

Services can be added to any boarding or daycamp stay.

Splash Park Visit

$20 /30 Minutes

One-On-One Time

$14 /30 Minutes

  • check Private play time.

pets favorite
Add on Walk

$14 /30 Minutes

  • check Additional walk time for your dog.

pets favorite
Private training add-on

$45 /20 Minute session

  • check Private training while in daycamp or boarding.
  • alarm Must be scheduled in advance.

Frozen Pup Yogurt


  • A delicious treat for your favorite friend! Apple & Cheddar, Banana & Peanut Butter, Bacon & Peanut Butter or Pumpkin. Who knows what will be in the freezer this time!
Frozen Kong


  • A special snack for your best friend. We stuff the popular Kong toy with a healthy surprise and freeze them for your dog to enjoy in their private room.


$25 - $55

  • Departure bath and blow dry dogs by staff member (not a professional groom).

*Add $5 for long-hair dogs.

0-14 lbs $25 short, $30 long

15-39 lbs $30 short, $35 long

40-59 lbs $35 short, $40 long

60-79 lbs $40 short, $45 long

80-99 lbs $45 short, $50 long

100+ lbs $50 short, $55 long

Brush Out


  • 10 min max.
    Does not include de-matting.



  • Full nail trim.

Teeth Brushing


  • Owner provides own toothbrush and toothpaste.

Vet trip

$20 /Hour

  • check Includes transportation and waiting time.

Medication Administered

$1.50 /Administration

  • check During regular business hours.

Medication After Hours

$15 /dog per night

  • check After hours (between 7pm - 7am).
  • alarm Must be scheduled in advance.

Shuttle service


  • Coming soon! We can pick up and drop your dog off for their DogJoy stay (depending on staff availability).
Intact Animals


  • Added attention is needed for dogs that are intact. This fee will be applied to any dog 8 months and older who is not spayed or neutered.
  • $5/day for daycamp dogs
  • $10/night for boarding dogs